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Aluminum mesh

Product Description

Aluminum mesh is a kind of mesh made of aluminum as raw material. It is processed by surface treatment, electroplating, spraying and gluing.Color: red, pink, plum red, black, gold, silver, white, blue, green, purple, coffee, bronze.

Aluminum mesh surface is uniform and bright color, soft and light feeling, like metal scales and cloth like cloth can be changed freely, widely used, often used in handbags, clothing, ornaments, curtain, curtains and so on, fashion trend, elegant and beautiful, deeply loved by people; in the back over a layer of melt glue, can be cut into various patterns Different words are used as excipients to add the added value of the product.

The raw material of the aluminum mesh is aluminum strip, the material of the aluminum coil, the flatness, the toughness and the size are the core of the post processing of the aluminum mesh. The Guangzhou Taixing Aluminum Co., Ltd. has put into the melting and casting refining process for the production of high quality aluminum coil, the mold design process, the extrusion cold rolling technology, the cold rolling equipment and the thickness gauge equipment. Machine equipment.

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