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Aluminum profile surface treatment power supply selection


In order to  overcome the shortcomings in the surface properties of aluminum  profiles, expand the application range and extend the service life,  surface treatment technology is an indispensable part of the use of  aluminum profiles.

Anodizing process, electrolytic  coloring process, surface treatment power supply for electrophoretic  coating process is the key equipment of each process, according to the corresponding process, operating parameters, output power, output  waveform, aluminum profile protection, etc. It is called oxidation power supply, coloring power supply and electrophoresis power supply.

The  traditional air-cooled oxidation power supply has poor efficiency, low  reliability, high noise, short service life, and its application is  greatly limited. It can not meet the increasing power output  requirements of the oxidizing power supply. The high-power  surface treatment power supply for aluminum profile adopts a new fully  enclosed water-cooling method and has achieved good application results.

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