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How to install aluminum profiles and installation precautions


How to install aluminum profiles? The surface of the aluminum alloy is oxidized and shiny. The  aluminum square-passing frame is large and can be set with a large area  of glass, which makes the indoor light bright and bright, enhances the  contrast between the indoor and outdoor facades, and makes the living  room more rich. The aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the profile of the profile is precise and the machining accuracy is high. Therefore,  many owners choose to use aluminum profiles during the renovation. How  to install aluminum profiles? Please read the following carefully.

First,  how to install the aluminum profile installation process: line  positioning → aluminum profile water installation → anti-corrosion  treatment → aluminum profile installation in place → aluminum alloy  window fixing → door and window frame and wall gap treatment → door  aluminum square pass and door and window glass Installation → installation hardware accessories.

1.Line positioning

(1)  According to the installation position, size and elevation of the doors  and windows in the design drawings, the mechanical fence of the  aluminum profile measures the edge of the door and window according to  the center line of the door and window. In the  case of multi-storey or high-rise buildings, the edge of the top and  bottom windows and doors shall prevail, and the edge of the door and  window shall be led by a line pendant or theodolite, and shall be marked  at the door window of each layer, and the individual not straight edges  shall be chiseled.

(2) The horizontal position of  the door and window should be measured by the horizontal line of the  floor indoor +50cm, and the height of the window should be measured  upwards, and the elastic line should be straight. Each layer must maintain the same height of the window.

2.  Aluminum window draping installation Fix the draping on the aluminum  alloy window according to the requirements of the construction drawings,  and ensure that the position is correct and the installation is firm.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment

(1)  When the anti-corrosion treatment design of the outer surface of the  door and window frame is required, it shall be treated according to the  design requirements. If the design does not  require it, it can be coated with anti-corrosion coating or plastic film  to protect the cement mortar from direct contact with the surface of  the aluminum profile, resulting in electrochemical reaction and  corrosion of the aluminum profile.

(2) When  installing an aluminum profile, if it is fixed by a connecting iron, it  is preferable to use a stainless steel piece for attaching the iron  parts, and fixing metal parts such as fixing parts. Otherwise, anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out to avoid electrochemical reaction and corrosion of aluminum profiles.

4.  Installation of the aluminum profile in place Install the aluminum  profile frame according to the defined door and window alignment line. And  timely adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal length of the door  and window frame to meet the quality standards, and then temporarily  fixed with wooden wedges.

5. Fixation of aluminum profiles

(1)  When the iron parts are pre-buried on the wall, the iron feet of the  aluminum profile can be directly welded directly to the pre-embedded  iron parts on the wall, and the welding place needs to be rust-proofed.

(2)  When there is no embedded iron on the wall, the iron feet of the  aluminum profile can be fixed to the wall by metal expansion bolts or  plastic expansion bolts.

(3) When  there is no embedded iron on the wall, you can use the electric drill to  make a hole with a depth of 80mm and a diameter of 6mm on the wall, and  use L-shaped 80mm × 50mm 6rmn steel. Apply 108 cement slurry to the long end and punch into the hole. After the 108 cement slurry is finally set, the iron feet of the aluminum profile are welded to the embedded 6 mm steel bars.

6. Treatment between the gap between the door and window frame and the wall

(1)  After the aluminum profile is installed and fixed, the concealed  project acceptance should be carried out first. After passing the test,  the gap between the door and window frame and the wall should be treated  in time according to the design requirements.

(2)  If the design is not required, the elastic insulation material or glass  wool felt strips may be used to layer the gaps, and the outer surface  is left with a 5~8mm deep notch to fill the caulking grease or sealant.

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