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The three side billboard

Product Description

The three side billboard is made up of a set of parallel three prism. The three prism is made of special aluminum profiles. All three prism is driven by the motor to rotate around the central axis, and three pictures are formed from the three sides of the three prism. So the three face billboard has three times the advantages of space and visual movement.

It can be widely used in outdoors, such as stations, airports, wharfs, stadiums, walls and roofs of large buildings, as well as places such as people's Expo, shopping mall, amusement park, door decoration and so on, which can greatly improve the utilization of gold advertisement and beautify the city.

Guangzhou Taixing Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides aluminum three prism and frame for three billboards. It makes the billboards strong and durable. The aluminum is not easy to corrode in the outdoor environment. The high quality and light quality can reduce the manufacturing cost. So the three prism and the aluminum profile outer frame are the core accessories of the three face billboards. Taixing Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has over 10 years of research experience in the three aluminum industry. It provides high-quality aluminum products for many three buyers.

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